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Established in 1984

A group of ex-students of different years felt the need to assemble
the ex-students of the nearly 150 year old School under one umbrella
and hold 'Reunion' at regular intervals. About twenty ex-students under
the able leadership of Dr. Bijoy Chand Banerjee worked very hard to enrol
about one thousand ex-students for the first reunion which was successfully
held in 1985. The Ex-Students' Association which was formed in 1984 was
subsequently registered as a society in 1986.

Registered as a society on 24-11-1986

150 years of the School celebrated in 1996

Re-Union of Ex-students held in :
1985, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016

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A nonpolitical, charitable, non-profiteering voluntary organisation.
To promote social and cultural understanding amongst all ex-students.
To help in maintaining and promoting a high academic standard and healthy educational environment at Uttarpara Govt. High School.
To arrange and organise lecture, debates, discussion, seminars, excursions etc.
To publish useful literature, papers, magazines, books etc.
To create an atmosphere of fellow-feeling and unity amidst the Ex-students of Uttarpara Govt. High School.
To promote and encourage advancement of literary, cultural spiritual scientific and technical education.
To help aged, sick, helpless and indigent members of the association and to promote health care of the local people.
To collect funds, to construct and maintain association's own building.

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Types of members

 a) Permanent Invitee Member (One time fee Rs. 3000)-      For Life Members only
 b) Life Member (One time fee of Rs. 300 only )

Very simple way to enroll your name

Please, enrol your name as a member of our prestigious association.

 1. Collect Membership Form from any association’s MC      members or visit our website      www.uttarparagovtschool-esa.org > Committee      Member > Download Form.

 2. After duly fulfilling of the Form, please submit it with      appropriate fees to any of our authorized EC Member      or send by post toour office address & also send one      scanned copy through email      (ughsesa2014@gmail.com).

 3. After verification we will send you Confirmation      message either SMS/E-mail.


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Past Activities || Plans for future

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Past Activities

Organised Eight Reunions of Ex-students during 1985-2001.
Celebrated the 150th Anniversary of Uttarpara Govt. High School in 1996 - over 2000 Ex Students participated.
Organised seminars on Education and Career - Three Seminars were held at Ganabhaban, Uttarpara.

Held Quiz Contest, Music & Recitation Contest, Essay Writing Competition etc.

Organised Football and Cricket matches and tournaments.

Organised family get-together of the Executive Committee Members and guests.


Special Day cover was issued by the Postal Authority on the occasion of 150 years celebration.


Felicitation of Dr. Satyabrata Sarkar

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Plans for future

1. To set up a Career Counselling Centre.
2. To set up a health camps.
3. To set up a School-book Library.
4. To purchase/construct own house of the Association.
5. To promote fight against all types of pollution.
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Past office bearers of the Association

Year President General Secretary
1985 Sri Srinibas Chatterjee Dr. Bejoy Chand Banerjee
1986-1988 Dr. C. S. Dawn Dr. Sukumar Saha
1988-1990 Dr. C. S. Dawn Dr. Sukumar Saha
1990-1992 Sri Hrishikesh Chatterjee Dr. Santosh Kr. Chatterjee
1992-1994 Dr. Mriganka Bhusan Banerjee Sri Kedar Nath Banerjee
1994-1996 Sri Srinibas Chatterjee Dr. Sukumar Saha
1996-1998 Dr. Niranjan Basu Sri Haradhan Sadhukhan
1998-2000 Dr. Niranjan Basu Sri Haradhan Sadhukhan
2000-2002 Dr. Niranjan Basu Sri Haradhan Sadhukhan
2002-2004 Dr. Barindra Kumar Burman Sri Haradhan Sadhukhan
2004-2006 Dr. Barindra Kumar Burman Sri Haradhan Sadhukhan
2006-2008 Dr. Barindra Kumar Burman Sri Haradhan Sadhukhan
2008-2010 Sri Tarun Prasanna Roy Dr. Saroj Kumar Pal
2010-2012 Sri Tarun Prasanna Roy Dr. Saroj Kumar Pal
2012-2014 Sri Tarun Prasanna Roy Dr. Saroj Kumar Pal
2014-2016 Sri Tarun Prasanna Roy Dr. Saroj Kumar Pal
2016-2018 Dr. Bejoy Chand Banerjee Dr. Saroj Kumar Pal

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Donations and Subscriptions to the fund of the Association
can be remitted by way of Cash/ A/c. Payee cheques/Bank Drafts/Direct A/c
Transfers drawn in the name of the Association.


Payments should be made in Cash/*Cheque/*Bank Draft/*#Direct A/c Transfers

*in favour of “Uttarpara Govt. High School Ex-Students’ Association”

*# 1) U.G.H.S. Ex-Students’ Association State Bank of India; Uttarpara Branch S. a/c No.11141294758; IFS code: SBIN0001403

*# 2) Uttarpara Govt. High School Ex-Students’ Association UCO BANK; Uttarpara Bazar Branch S. a/c No.10570100003634; IFS code: UCBA0001057



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